Beat sheet to create Outline For your next novel or Movie Script

Youth to millennials, entrepreneurs to professors, everyone loves Reading novels. Sometimes you get addicted to reading novels, do you know the reason? Or you have the best story and want to publish it. Well, here is the tip for you to develop your outline or architecture. Novels are the blueprint of experience, reality and happiness in the form of written script. Writing a novel is not an easy task; it should make readers exciting and make them understand easily. Suppose you need these essential things to be piled up correctly; you need “ architecture” not for designing novels but to design values.

Beat Sheet To Create Outline For Your Next Novel Or Movie Script

Everyone knows how foundations are essential in constructing a building. Similarly, architecture is vital in scriptwriting. It is the support or rule of agendas to be followed. If one follows the architecture for scriptwriting, it makes a reader so easy to understand the article or novel in a desirable way. The main elements in this architecture are :

1. Act One

Chapter one

The Opening Act

1.1 Act one >> Opening image

This is the first and foremost introduction of the novel to your readers. Introduce your main characters, settings, locations, etc., as the opening image. You can also introduce your character’s personality. Basically, an opening image may contribute less presence. Still, it can give a small idea for readers what is this novel is about. It would be even better if you provide a quick glance or hint of the movie’s actual plot. For, e.g., the background characters talking about it, or a picture, etc.

1. 2 Act one >> Setup

You can make the characters cross paths in this beat. This beat is usually used to connect the characters that would later work out in the story.

1.3 Act One >> Theme-Stated

This usually contains the world view or perspective of the main character/s. It can also consist of the background character questioning the main character’s personality or ideology.


Usually, in this portion, the story gains its pace. The first series of actions are planned.  

Beat Sheet To Create Outline For Your Next Novel Or Movie Script


This indulges readers into a story to decide whose supremacy “against or for” or depending upon the situation. The protagonist questions themselves. They contemplate their actions by thinking about the pros and cons. The story changes directions here.


Act Two

Beat Sheet To Create Outline For Your Next Novel Or Movie Script

The Mid-Twist

Break into 2

Similar to the catalyst, the first plan of action is executed.

B Story

This is a subplot. You can introduce characters or incidents that might contribute to the latter part of the story.  

Fun and games

You can introduce the goal of the movie here. Usually the longest, this part needs to be involving with a series of actions and drama. As this is the actual content of the story, this should be made as attractive as possible.

Beat Sheet To Create Outline For Your Next Novel Or Movie Script


This can also be defined as a pseudo conclusion of the story. You should convince the readers that this is the conclusion of the story. With the story that follows, the readers must get a twist.

Bad guys close in

The antagonist gains the upper hand here.

Beat Sheet To Create Outline For Your Next Novel Or Movie Script

All is lost

Things go downhill here, and the readers lose all hope of something positive happening.

The dark knight of the soul

The lost fire of hope is rekindled here. You can involve a group of characters or the protagonist alone as the story requires. 

Act Three

Beat Sheet To Create Outline For Your Next Novel Or Movie Script

The Ending Act

Break into 3

A new plan is set into action with the rekindled spirit.


It’s just a synonym to “conclusion”, where this plot gives us the best climax. It usually delivers the message from each thing.

Final Image

Like a movie’s post-credit, this can show the characters after the end of the plot. Sometimes, it can be written to give birth to a new story with a fresh start or with a continuation of what has already happened.

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