Have you heard of Plato’s theory of Allegory of the Cave? Briefly, the theory says that we, humans, are chained down inside a cave. With our vision on a wall and a fire burning at the entrance of the cave, the only thing we see are shadows of the creatures, objects, etc., that lies past the cave. Those who break themselves free from these chains and manages to exit the cave and experience the real world are philosophers who are often misinterpreted as madmen by the ones who live in the virtual world of the cave.

We have often come across “out-of-the-box” art pieces, scripts, and films that intrigue us to the core, making us wonder how such a fantastic idea was even thought of in the first place. How could the creator step out of the cave and discover this new idea of the world? Well, such an idea is what makes a great creator. Be it films, books, or fine arts, people have always looked forward to something that flows against the wind.

Today filmmakers focus more on spreading awareness through their scripts instead of merely involving a love plot. Bollywood movies like Dear Zindagi, Highway, Pk, Masaan, Udaan, etc., are a few art scripts that have baffled the audience. Similarly, Hollywood movies like Call me by your name, the revenant, inception, the sixth sense are a few more.

The age-long concept of love stories is noticed to have failed to intrigue the audience today. People, despite their age, are more drawn to movies with a moral. Songwriters tend to include emotions of patriarchy, family, mental health, and positive well being.

However, the overbulk of emotions and seriousness might end up boring away the audience. Adding a complementary theme, such as humour, love story, horror, or thriller, helps bind the audience to the end of the movie.

To make a debut as a director, producer,  scriptwriter, or lyricist, using such “out-of-the-box” thinking is a solid movement to mark the industry. However, the perfect combination of the above mentioned complimentary theme is necessary.

Having a perfect script is necessary when it comes to making a blockbuster. Here comes StudioVity, India’s first video production management tool. It is a web, mobile-based, cross-platform video production management application. Studiovity is an end to end product management platform that allows you to increase your project’s productivity. Write your script by just adding a document, and you don’t need paper anymore.

Its features include script breakdown. You can add your cast and crew, call sheets, payment breakdown, standard report (PDF format), and shareable links to your production team. 

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